Overview of the week

Welcome on the website for the students bioscience engeneering.

Here you can find everything about our activities, the workings of our stundent organisation, updates,... Join us on facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (LBK_Leuven)!

ERM case study

Dear LBK students,

Are you a Master student Bio Engineering and ready to kick-start your career?

Do you want to experience how your skills can make a difference within the ERM Asset Management team?

On April 2nd from 14:00-16:00 we will open our doors for max. 10 students to participate in a case study!

Would you like to join? Let us know what master year you're in, describe in one sentence what you are looking for in a job after you graduation and submit your CV when registering or by sending it to verantwoordelijke.bedrijvenrelaties@lbk.be.

10 candidates will be selected and invited to our ERM Brussels office. Train tickets from Leuven to Brussels will be provided.

See you soon!


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Beerpong tournament

On Wednesday, March 6, LBK Sport organizes a beer pong tournament. The concept is simple: teams of 2 people compete against each other to be awarded the best LBK beer pong team! The best players can also represent LBK in the 'Interfaculty Bierpong tournament' of Apolloon. More info about this later.

In short
WHAT: LBK beerpong tournament
WHEN: Wednesday the 6th of March, 20h00
WHERE: in the baarr
PRICE: €10 per participant


The subscription is now available!

CV submitting

[2nd master- and PhD students]

Until the 6th of January, you will be able to submint your CV online by answering some short questions (in Dutch). All CV's will be collected in our CV-book, which we will distribute among interested companies. It's the ideal way to make companies aware of you, your personality, skills,... , so it's only in your advantage! You can submit via the link below and by clicking on 'CV boek: inschrijven' in the upper right corner:


It won't take that much time and is very useful, so be sure to share it with your friends!

Culture trip LBK ~ Vienna

'LBK goes to Vienna'

No more explanation needed!

Culture, tasty schnitzels, instagramworthy pictures and a whole lot of fun guaranteed!!


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LBK @Walibi Nocturne

What's even better then Halloween? Halloween at Walibi!! (a Belgian amusement park not far from Leuven) What's even better then Halloween at Walibi? Halloween at Walibi with all your LBK-friends!!!

Join LBK culture on thirsday 1 november and we guarantee that you'll scream even louder then usual in your favorite attractions...


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Jeneverhonkbal KULAK + Antwerpen

Onthaal organises their famour JeneverBaseball for the new students from KULAK and Antwerpen.

We come together at the Baarr and from there we go to the baseball field where we'll be running and drinking jenever!

Price: 5 euro's (pay @ the baarr)


The subscription is now available!


You are now able to vote till thursday 9a.m. . You can vote here.

Elections 2018-2019

De last registrations are rolling in as the motivations. On the election show 1 May (taking place on 7 p.m. in the Pavo, Jules Vandenbemptlaan 2, 3001 Leuven) questions will be asked to the kandidates about their vision and motivation. Questions are composed in advance to be proposed to the candidates the evening itself. If you have any questions for the candidates, please send them to neucom@landbouwkring.be this weekend. The candidates and their motivations can be found at the bottom of this page.

Neurtal comittee LBK

The elections are almost there and the emerging team will give their best to convince you of their qualities and motivation. This will be done under the watchful eye of the neutral comittee which will this year consist of:

Caroline Dierckx

Chloé Kockerols

Emily De Munck

Marjolein Dewaele

Michiel Schreurs

Niels De Brier

Sarah Michiels


They wish all candidates a nice and honest election campaign.

LBK JOBFAIR - 21st of March 2018

Ready to unlock your future?

The 21st of March, the event of the year takes off organised by LBK bedrijvenrelaties (corporate relations), The LBK JOB FAIR. More than 35 companies will be there to get to know you. Companies like Cargill, Beneo, ERM, Galapagos, Boerenbond and many many more will be announced soon!!

The job fair will take place in the business center at sportoase starting from 10h till 16h. Address: Philipssite 6, 3001 Leuven.

Are you eager to look for a job next year, or maybe just an internship? Or you want to discover which companies are a possibility as a future employer? Pass by and take a look.

EXTRA: CV screening + a professional photoshoot for a photo on your CV.

Subscribe here and maybe win an ALL INCLUSIVE DINER for 2 at Voltaire!

Final InterFaculty Rockrally 2016-2017 @ Het Depot

--- Details ---
13th of march @ Het Depot (Martelarenplein Leuven)
Entrance: €3 (€2 with culture card)
Doors: 19h
First band: 20h

--- IFR ---
It's finally there! The five finalists of the InterFaculty Rockrally will convince both the jury and the public of being the most talented band, on the 13th of march in Het Depot. So come and vote for your favourite band and decide who wins the InterFaculty Rockrally 2016-2017!

Ticket sale Beiaard cantus


The sale for the tickets of the beiaard cantus is on the 23th of march at 9 pm in the Baarr in Heverlee, bring your student id and make sure you'll be there early on! 

See you there! 

Opening Cantus

Dearest LBK & friends, 

After this long and earned holiday the time for joy is here once again! The very first LBK cantus of this year will take place the first week of the year, on Thursday the 29th of September! As always this event will be one of the most memorable nights in the LBK year, so only a fool would want to miss this! For more information, stay tuned! The date and time of the online registration will be mentioned in the first humus and on the LBK facebook page.

See you there!! 

Kind regards, 

Your Seniors.